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About Us

TurtleMaster Tech is a upcoming global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. we are a team of expert professionals, who enable clients to win by providing expert solutions in digital learning platforms, teaching various software development programs, providing content writing solutions for their education / career and website development, hence transforming them into digital experts.

  • Project Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Website & App Development Services
  • Industry Internship
  • S/W Certification & Development
  • Jr. Corner
  • Tech Event Management
  • Softskills Development
  • Content Writing Services

With a hands-on experience of managing the digital systems and working of global enterprises, we expertly steer our clients through their digital journey. we do it by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered systems that helps them prioritize the execution of change. we also empower the business with agile digital at scale, to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. our always-on learning agenda drives continuous improvement through building and transferring skills, expertise, & ideas from our innovation ecosystem.


We are helping our clients to create bright future and enhance their skillset which combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver excellent results.

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Project Design & Development

We provide full support for implementation of hardware/software based projects.

  • Industrial Projects
  • Business Projects
  • Research Projects
  • Academic Projects

Digital Marketing Solutions

We are a team of expert professionals to help your business to grow digitally.

  • Ad Designing & Posting on Various Social Media Platforms
  • Page/Channel Creation on Social Media
  • Global Digital Visiting Card
  • Brand Building
  • Digital Bussiness Account
  • Lead Generation Through Social Media
  • Various Business Application Support

Website & App Development Services

We provide complete solutions for Design & Development of any type of App & website.

  • Android
  • IoS

Industry Internship

We are having Tie-Ups with various reputed software companies & industries to provide hands-On working experience.

  • Diploma
  • Under-Graduate
  • Graduate
  • Post-Graduate

S/W Certification and Development

We have a team of expert technical professionals in various domain for delivering a technical knowledge.

  • Programming Foundation
  • Data Science
  • Block Chain
  • AI & Machine Language
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Digital Marketing

Tech Event Management

We have a team of expert professional for organizing and managing technical events listed below.

  • International/National Conference
  • Teachers Training Program
  • Faculty Development Program
  • Short Term Training Program
  • Student Technical & Development Programs

Softskills Development

We are team of excellent softskill trainers to enhance your softskills.

  • Campus Recruitment Training(CRT)
  • Workshop on Apptitude Development(WAD)

Junior Corner

We provide various types of brain storming activities for channelizing energy of super juniors.

  • Vedic Maths
  • Programming skills
  • Robotics
  • Science Projects
  • Communication Skill Development

Content Writing Services

We provide full support for content writing to all levels of professional & educational career.

  • Web Contents (Blogs/News,etc)
  • Research Article / Manusript / Dissertation
  • Project Report / Proposal
  • Copyright & Patent Drafting

Our Products

We have a team of expert technical professionals to develop industry standard products.

  • Temperature Scan

  • Smart Dust-bin

  • Automatic sanitizer machine

  • ERP / MIS

  • CCTV Security Systems

  • Solar Electric Systems

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Core Members

We are a Team of Talanted Professionals and Industry Experts

Samir Hajiyani

Co-Founder & Director

"Dreaming is the first step towards achieving a goal."

Pratima Patel

Director & Head(Q&A)

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Nilesh Gupta

Project Lead (Software Development)

"It is very Easy to Defeat Someone, But it is Very Hard To Win Someone."

Sudhir Deshmukh

Team Lead (Product Development)

"If you fail, never give up because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning."

Rajeev Verma

Head (Software Training & Development)

"All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents."

Kartik Dube

Data Scientist

"If you want to shine like a sun, First burn like the sun."


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